The Seven7 Harmless Habits That may Cause Cancer

Posted: 8 months ago

Cancer refers to anyone of a large number of diseases characterised by the development of the abnormal cells that divides uncontrollably and have the ability to infiltrate and destroy normal body tissues .
1.Scented Candles:-Scientist at South Carolina state University Found that because paraffin wax is a byproduct of petroleum, coal or shale oil ,it can release cancer_causing chemicals into your home .
2.Oral Sex:_Men who perform oral sex on women are at risk of mouth and throat cancer .
The researchers found that 6percent of men and 1percent of women carried potentially cancer causing strains of HPV in their mouth .It hereby advisable that people practice a safe sex .
3.Frequent Flying:-Researchers found that women and men in U.S cabin crews have higher rates of many types of cancer compared to the general population e.g Cancer of the breast ,cervix ,skin,thyroid and uterus etc.
One possible explanation for these increased rates is that flight attendants are exposed to a lot of known cancer causing agents .
4.Breast implant:_though ALCL(Anaplastic large _cell lymphoma ) is a rare form of cancer .Even if you have implants your chance of getting ALCL is very low .Experts estimated that 1 out of every 50,000 women with implant will get the disease .So,from my research it wasn't stated that there is no cancer in breast implant but rather, there is a low chance of having it.
5.Wearing Cell Phone In The Breast:_Bras were not designed to hold phones or cash ,yet females are stashing their accessories in this area .Holding a cell phone in your bra can be compromising your health .
6.Using Talcum Powder:_Studies suggests Talcum powder applied directly to the genital areas or on sanitary napkins diaphragm or condom may be cancer causing to the ovaries .
The American cancer society lists Talcum powder as a risk factors for Ovarian cancer, the deadliest cancer of the female reproductive system.
7.Drinking Alcohol:_Excessive drinking of alcohol can increase your risk of serious illness, such as mouth, throat and breast cancer .It cannot be reliably predicted who will get cancer s but drinking alcohol can increase your risk of getting some cancer .