The Man With A Hole In His Hea

Posted: 4 months ago

Man is a rational being, because he is able to bring together many reviews.
Although lust always revolves around him, he will always learn.

No matter how small he understands it, why is the nature of man erroneous? Why is a perfect man with his imperfection amplicated? Is not man equipped with superior potential to optimize every man's make? And if to naively question all habits, how to fulfill and declare anxieties So let me dispel all feelings when meeting His signs of greatness on earth and in the heavens.


As it should be, not those who have never been born or die young who are fortunate, but who willingly tough to remind each other in obeying the truth and exhorting each other in fulfilling patience in all his troubled sentiments.

Adaptation does not require dominance, but selective outcomes are fairly accepted as absolute relation of dominance to survive.
survive and adaptation that means different but very thin layer even different.

Obliged is not domination but full mind and soul surrender, refers to a situation. Both of boils down to 'logic and feelings, two reviews of behave, complicated with trivial matters that limit the connectivity of decrypting syllogisms that will ultimately decide to be abandoned.

The taste can be manipulative, adding a spoonful of sugar makes it sweet, two spoons will be more sweeten, or not at all, it doesn't make it subversive become bitter, it depend on the end result. The proof can trivialize the world, if it was not Apple that hit newton's head, instead of tree trunk we'll never know what's going on, The Man with a hole in his head will make gravity ends.