The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special EditionXbox Game Review

Posted: 2 years ago

"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim",fifth game of the Elder Scroll series,was released back in 2011 and is still frequently talked about. After the Legendary edition of this game,the Special edition was released in 2016 for Xbox and PlayStation4 and that is what we're here to talk about.

Anyone who is into gaming has played games like Skyrim and has loved it. It is unique,organised and much more diverse compared to the previous installment Oblivion. But sadly,the Xbox and PS4 version(The The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition) did not live up to Skyrim's  reputation of being the "greatest video game of all time".

If you remember,this game got it's reputation due to its well thought up character development and settings but got critisism for lauching issues during it's early days. The Special Edition of Skyrim leaves us in disappointement but not quite in the same way. It did have some changes and improvements but the overall review of this action role-playing game is not as expected.

The graphic features of Skyrim was enhanced in the Special Edition such as volumetric lighting,dramatic depth of lighting,newer snow and water shades,brighter colours,etc. But there were still complaints related to the graphics upgrade.

The resolution,however,differs in tue Pc version and the XBox version. In the PC the colors are brighter with more vibrant whereas in the XBox and Play Station 4, the shades are faded and the background in general is very blurry,disappointing the players by being not up to their standards. Even though the colors and the homeland looks natural and gives you a feeling of homesickness for this fantasy world,it still is not good enough to pass for a modern game.

 While the remastered version of Skyrim brings back old memories and glorifies the original game,it still keeps leaving a small hole in our hearts,making us feel like there is more to the story. It still keeps giving us the vibe that there will be a more new and improved version that will take our breaths away.

> Difficulty level :

As this game may seem challenging even to the most experienced of players,the best advice can be just to wander about and discover the secrets meant to be discovered. There are many challenges to overcome in this game and so you need to play at a pace you're comfortable with. Skyrim's difficulty level are as follows :
- Novice
- Apprentice
- Adept
- Expert
- Master

Changing the difficulty level at any time in the game,so even if you are a pro who is simply having a bad day,you can switch to an easier level for awhile.

 You need to remember that as this involves a diverse fantasy world,there is no wrong way to play it.However,if you are new to the magical world of Skyrim you should start playing at novice.

> Audio :

After the lauching of SSE Skyrim's Special Edition,players quickly realised that even though Bethesada promised to fix the audio issues facing some versions of the
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it actually downgraded due to a compression issue.

It was latered fixed with a patch and explained that some sound files were updated so they are not compressed. The result was average file size but low sound quality. But it is seen that the sound is noticeably better in PS4 or PS2 than it is on a PC or Xbox. This,therefore, has a lot of console players highly disappointed .

Conclusions :

Lastly, what most players compain about this game is the imbalance. As this is a big fantasy world with no rule you have to play in,the characters can also evolve in a poor balancing way. That is,in some cases,they become too weak,or too powerful.
The gameplay is also far behind than that of the modern RPG games and so,many people say that this game is not worth buying.

But this does not apply for players who have played the original game and is eagerly waiting for a better,more qualified version to spend their time on. The Elder Scrolls series will and have been one of the best fantasy games to habe ever been created and even after all these years, still make it into many lists of best games of all time.

So if you are someone who is up for playing games like skyrim that are fantasy and RPGs,and loves to play in magical worlds that were made to be explored, then The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is surely an essential purchase. And indeed, even with the technical flaws it is the greatest game of all time to gamers.