The Better Alternative?

Posted: 5 months ago

cop stops you after a night of heavy drinking. You try to convince the officer
it was a small one.


luck, they bring out the evil Breathalyzer….




charges slapped against you.


need a lawyer so you pick a phone and call the first one you can find.




you’re a 90’s gangster rapper and it’s a great career move to be locked up, you
should pick your lawyers more carefully. Here are 3 essential factors to
consider when hiring a DUI attorney.


I. Dedication

you should interview a few attorneys to find the best fit. You need to find a
lawyer who has your best interests at heart, who shows dedication to your cause.


lawyers will only meet you once then delegate duties to their subordinates. A
good lawyer will meet you several times to gather relevant information to win
the case.


II. Reputation
for winning

hire a lawyer with a fearsome reputation for winning. They will be thinking
about avoiding defeat at all costs.


is especially important because your attorney has the power to make deals on
your behalf. A lawyer with no winning mentality may cut deals with the DA to
save time and earn a quick buck.


III. Experience
and Specialization

rule. You want an attorney who knows this, especially if its your third


a lawyer who has specialized in dealing with DUI cases. Such a lawyer will have
years of experience dealing with such cases. Different states have different
laws regarding DUI, e.g., California applies the 3-strikes rule in DUI charges.
For best results, find an attorney who has local area experience.


also helps to get an attorney who has experience dealing with the same judge
you will be facing. They will have the right strategy in handling that judge
and get the best outcome for you.


Did you
know that if you hire a DUI lawyer, you have 35% chance of avoiding conviction compared to only 26% for those who opt for a public


conclude, if you hire a DUI lawyer who is dedicated, with plenty of local
DUI-related experience, and an impeccable reputation for winning cases, you can
avoid prosecution.