Posted: 6 months ago

In our day to day life,  we always hear so much things that do not at all follows our logical thinking and our mind usually rejects all of it. But somehow, at some point in our lives, we accept many such things that does not at all have logical bases. These nonsense things are called superstitions.

                   Superstition is a jerky thing that captures  our mind and soul and keeps us from thinking practically and looking at things with logic. In a traditional country that is enormously rich in its culture, there are also present a lot of superstitions  in each and every religion. There are so many examples of day-to-day superstitions that we face, One such example is mentioned below:

 If a black cat crosses your way while you are going for some work, the work gets spoilt. There is not a single percent logic in this thing as the cat does not harm you in any way just by crossing your path. It is not going to come with you to spoil your work. But even today, lots of people believe this superstition and drop or cancel their even most important works just to stop it from spoiling and in a way, spoil it themselves.

That is why it is said that you should never fall for any superstition or thinking just because lots of people believe and follow it.