Skills Set

Posted: 1 year ago

1. General Work Skills  Keen on learn new skills: on programming tools, new ways doing things, in technology.  Greater eye for details, always find ways to improving things.  Keen sense of acomplishment when meet targets.  Very inquisitive, loves think out of the box.  Thoughtful to find out how to get problems solving methods.  Keen on doing research how other people get job done to learn from them.  Quick Learner, Resourceful.  Experienced Electronics Engineer/Technician.  Experienced Microcontrollers Firmware Developer.  Experienced Schematic Capture/PCB Designer.  Experienced Electronic Prototypes Developer/Researcher.  10+ years Microcontrollers Firmware Developer, 20+ years Electronics Engineering Developer/Repairer/Troubleshooter. 2. Microprocessors and Microcontrollers programming Skills  Experienced Microcontrollers Programming Microchip PIC séries C & Assembly Languages, Arduino with Atmel Microcontroller AVR 328; Texas Instruments MSP430 launchpad séries C & Assembly Languages  Experienced programming in Assembly Language for CPUs: Zilog Z80, Intel 8085, Intel x86 and Motorola 6809 microprocessors  Good Knowledge of Microcontrollers IDE Packages Microchip MPLAB IDE, MikroC IDE, Arduino IDE, Energia for MSP430 microcontroller séries Arduino look alike IDE, Texas Instruments Code Composer IDE. 3. Android Programming Skills.  Basic4Android Programming.  Good Knowledge of Basic4Android IDE, Knowledge Eclipse IDE 4. Electronics Related Skills  Excelent procedures of fault finding and testing at component level.. Repairing Computer Monitors, Computers, mices, Network systems, Printers, Power supplies (Laboratories and Switching), Function Generators, Osciloscopes, music keyboards, Amplifiers, Pre-Amplified Speakers.  Excelent knowledge of Power Electronics, Opto-Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Digital Electronics, Analogue Electronics.  Good Knowledge of design Schematics with Electroinic Cads and Simulators: Orcad, Tango PCB, Pspice for Windows, Texas Instruments Multisim Electronics Workbench 11, Protheus SCH PCB Sim, KiCAD, DipTrace Electronic CAD, Eagle Electronic CAD  Right-handed in design and assembly PCBs.  Skillful soldering PCB components.

7. Projects, Science meetings participations  Participation of Youth science meeting with project with CPU Zilog 1990,1991.  Setup my homemade photovoltaic Charging Station to charging several kinds of batteries and devices: mobile phones power banks; D, C, AA, AAA size batteries; 12Vdc to 230 - 240Vac small electicity production DC/AC inverter 360Watts/600VA  Created na Microcontrollers Testing Kits with removable parts with LCD Character Module or Graphical LCD Module.