SEO optimization in few days

Posted: 7 months ago

With a few simple steps you can improve your website ranking. Using keywords in the first 120 characters, be descriptive and make your content informational. Keep your content between 1500 and 1800 characters. Write amazing titles that involves at least one, max two keywords and don't make duplicate content, headings or titles. Always use alt text to describe your images. Split your content in few paragraphs to be more readable and use pictures. Your headings should be about 50 characters long and descript your content. If you use information in your content be sure that the informations are engaging and first of all true. For a long term strategy you should build trust with your audience. For a long tail keywords you can simply use Google search to see how people are finding relevant content and then use it for yourself. Improve, make it yours by adding additional information that doesn't exist in top ranked websites. Now use this information and try it yourself, it's much easier than you think.