Search engine Optimization and Social Media Optimizations Services

Posted: 5 years ago

What does our SEO services include?

Onpage optimization service

* Complete website analysis

* Keyword Research and selection

* Ensure SEO friendly web design

* Onpage Optimization (Meta title, description,

keywords, H1 etc)

* Image optimization

* Sitemap.xml preparation for both Google and Yahoo

* Robots.TXT preparation

* Internal link setup and website navigation

* W3C validation

Website Promotion services

* Directory Submissions

* Article writing and submissions

* Press release writing & submissions

* Blog Marketing

* Forum Postings

* Video submissions

* Reciprocal and 3 way link building

* One way link building

* Classified submissions

* Search engine submissions

Using Online Social Media – Online marketers have found that social
networking sites like Twitter and Facebook play an important role in
enhancing their business. You will see almost every other company having
a Twitter or Facebook profile. Facebook pages are being used by
businessmen more or less like an official website. This is because pages
can be created on Facebook within a matter of minutes with a truckload
of information including photos, videos and links. Twitter on the other
hand is best for viral marketing. It’s easier on Twitter to reach a
large fan following in the shortest amount of time as compared to
Facebook. You can even keep track of who all are speaking about your
business, product or service by using their innovative search feature.
Both online and offline businesses will continue to make use of social
media to increase their popularity. This method will quickly replace the
old networking system where businessmen had to move out of their office
rooms in order to meet new possible customers and clients

Facebook Likes

Google+ Plus

Stumbleupon Followers

Flickr Photos

Linkedin Likes

Video Likes

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Pinterest Marketing

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