Rules of Painting a Room with Two Colors

Posted: 2 years ago

Painting a room with two different colors is an important aspect for the designers to go for it. There are important aspects like colors to choose, different textures, different patterns, color combinations, wall which is able to match the color. The effects of the color will clearly affect the walls for the color which you choose for the combination. It will surely brighten the walls with the different pattern and combinations. For going for combinations there are certain rules which you need to take care of it. Some are listed below –
  1.     Color Combination The color combination you choose might be sometimes effective or sometimes it becomes worst combinations for the selection. For this you need to choose the colors wheel from the chart which is invented by the Physicist Isaac Newton. Colors which are very near to each other may be the perfect combinations for it while those that are opposite maybe somewhat non-matching. So, selecting the perfect combinations of color for the wall is very important aspect for the interior designing of the walls.
  2.     Highlighting A simple approach for this is to use contrast colors to highlight either the wall or the ceiling. If you decided to contrast the ceiling i.e. making it darker then the walls then the room may look more comfortable. Painting the ceiling with light colors may have opposite effect of it.  You may give the light colors to upper walls of the same as of ceiling.  The light color always withdraw your attention towards it, the upper walls matching with ceiling will visually widen the area of matching of celling.
3.     Accenting Two colors close together on the wheel will create a great impact if you have wall hangings or colorful furnishings. Using the colors of different shades of same color in the same way as contrast ones to get the same effects. You can use the same colors for all the ceilings and walls, and paint the trim with other.
4.     Patterning There are n-number of possible patterns can be made from 2 colors chosen. Making the borders contrast or accent by stripes with the help of painters tape to the wall. Horizontal stripes are useful for the walls whereas vertical stripes visually are perfect for the ceiling. Single stripes can also provide great impact to the walls or ceiling. If there is furniture which matches your wall color, then making the walls paint by semicircles or other pattern will result in great look.
 5.     Hardware Appliances The best way to paint the room is to remove all the appliances which are available there such as fans, lights, AC, different switches and holders. If you remove them, then it will be great for repainting specialist to paint everything but always remember about the risk of the electric shocks. To be on safer side, always disconnect electricity from the main board to start your painting work. If you are unable to remove the electricity, cover everything with the painters tape. 
6.     Move away Furniture Some people always keep furniture in the middle of the room which makes difficult for the painter to paint in a comfortable way. You should always remove the furniture like Bed, Table, Sofa, etc. from the room which will be helpful to painters to paint the room in an effective ways.  
Conclusion If you are going for the colors always check the colors combinations for going for perfect walls or ceiling colors combination. Perfect colors for rooms, halls, ceiling will not only change the look but will also give a positive look towards your daily routine lifestyle. Depending on the painting technique and best color combinations will create a peace of mind that everything was done perfectly in a right manner. Choosing a professional painter for this job will ensure that everything will be done as per the procedure and work streams ways. But the cost will be involved for purchasing the modern equipment’s which are available with him and time in which he is investing for it to make it a perfect look to the great walls which ultimately affect your pocket. These rules will be helpful for everyone to make it a success for changing the interiors of the great house.