Posted: 2 months ago

As time is passing by and the societies are becoming modern, many of the irrational and obtuse mindsets are changing. For example, there was a time when people used to bury their daughters alive but now that hitch has ended and people have started to educate their daughters. But unfortunately, there is still much more left to be done. People still believe in racism. They believe that a white is superior to a black. They think that the British are high and might than the Africans.
God has made us all equal. It’s just the amount of melanin which makes one person white and the other black. It has nothing to do with a person's esteem or grace neither it makes a person superior. The God has already told us that neither white has dominance over black nor black is magisterial than white. This shows that all the people are equal no matter which skin tone they have. The Africans are usually suppressed and gagged because of their dark colour. The fact is that beauty is in the eye of a person. If a person is not aesthetic himself he will find faults in even the last person on earth. Many black people are killed by white just because they are tan. Even they are abused, mistreated and bullied. If we look back in history, many black men have been slayed.
Pygmies also belong to a category of black people. They are short heighted and they live in groves. Pygmies are skilled in hunting animals. But ever since they have originated, they have been living a life of misery and affliction. They are being tortured and jeopardized. Majority of the pygmies are living the life of a servant. During the Congo civil war, many pygmies were slaughtered and eaten. There was cannibalism done by a squad. So basically the simple reason behind this gangsterism and racketeering is just the mindset of people and the society which tells us to believe in racism.
Even if we talk about the fashion industry, dark skin tone is considered a stigma. It is believed that only people with white skin colour are beautiful and are given lead roles in projects. So people think that if you want to flourish and become successful white skin colour is necessary. I negate it completely because your skin colour has nothing to do with your success and beauty. People have themselves made it a taboo. We Asians specifically have wheatish colour and we should be proud of it. It’s the natural and God gifted beauty.
It is generally considered that people with darker complexion belong to middle or low class, are slaves or with low wages and are not treated humanely. Just because of this mindset of our people and society black people are becoming victims of hypertension and are forced to get the whitening treatments and injections which are detrimental to their health. They are being ridiculed and demoted so they get low and try on these treatments. They can harm your health and skin. Apart from this, we should stay happy and confident in our skin and be thankful to god that we are better than many others.
The ratio of the people getting these whitening treatments and applying the whitening creams is increasing day by day, particularly in the fashion and media industry because our people just want to see white and beautiful people on their screens. We are ourselves the victims of our mindsets. So now it’s the need of the hour to change our society, our people and their minds. Otherwise, we will sink deep and there will be no way out.
Dark complexioned are more susceptible to racial discrimination than their white counterparts. Even parents at the birth of their children wish that they are fair complexioned. Now it’s the time to set things right. We should take examples from the rising and developed nations and demote the notion of racial discrimination. We should all be united and make our way through the developed nations and it is only possible if we avoid every sort of discrimination between our people. This racism has made things difficult for the dark-complexioned like getting jobs, housing and medical service which is not fair. This initiates the internal anger in black people. We should all come together and change this taboo and bring everyone on a single page by eliminating such stigmas which will one day or another destroy our society which is already on stake. To eradicate such negativity we first have to change ourselves and the way we think. We have to bring in positive energy and have to prove that there is no difference between a white and a black. We are all equal no matter which skin tone you have.