Our Golden rules

Posted: 5 years ago

As name hunters, we believe in 7 Golden rules for catching a good name:

> It should be easy to read and spell.

> It should be readable in one way only.

> It should be available for trademark registration.

> It should evoke a relevant positive emotion.

> It should be either suggestive or enigmatic.

> It should stand out from the competitors' brands.

> It should JUMP OUT!

Some of these rules are very common and logical. However, not all of them are followed, especially not by companies that invent their brand names themselves. At the end of the day, the name you have come up with turns out to be already taken in your class, or its domain name is already secured, or nobody spells it right. If you are reading this, odds are you have been there. So, let's go into details:  


In the era of war between millions of brands trying to grab your attention, mouth to mouth advertising has become effective like never before. When your loyal client’s mouth speaks to your potential client’s mouth, we will make sure your brand name is spelled right by the latter. We believe that complicated names just don’t work.  


All your consumers should read and say your brand name the same way. There are many company names spelled differently around the globe. This usually happens when a language different from English is used. We believe that English is the planet Earth’s official language today but we also check our names for negative connotations in other common languages, like Spanish, French and German.  

Every business with plans to operate in an area larger that the headquarters’ neighbourhood should have a registered mark. This is why we make preliminary trademark screening in the World Intellectual Property Organization, in the Trade Marks and Design Registration Office of the European Union and/or in your local patent and trademark office. 

A brand name carries an idea, a certain emotion. And it has to be the right emotion. For instance, if you need a name for an anti-cellulite cream, the positive association could be the idea of a soft and sleek skin. A relevant brand name in this case can be Sleex. However, our work is not based on assumptions - we will need the relevant information to create a brand name that people will rabbit on about. This is why we will need your guidance, know-how and insights of the industry you are in. So, we ask questions. 

Most namers go for names composed of real words because they believe that such names are SEO-friendly and easy to remember. Well, too suggestive names are also easy to forget. Catching a more enigmatic name, as we say, might just be what you need. Whether you need a name that speaks for itself or you are after a name with a mysterious story behind it, we have the know-how to create both. 

Competition also plays an important role in brand naming. It is easy to come up with a name that sounds different from the competitors' brands. The hard job is to develop a brand name that sounds different and better at the same time. When every competitor brand is called A, B or C, we have the courage to go for a brand name like Zed. 
The perfect name is a name that helps your business take off the ground. How do we get a name like that? We beat the bushes a little and we see what jumps out. Let us do our trick, build your brand and your sales will speak for themselves. We have done this before.