Opportunity in Digital Marketing

Posted: 10 months ago

Before discussing Opportunity in Digital Marketing firstly I would like to tell you about – What is Digital Marketing?
The ability to get consumers intended for any business via online and digital mediums is known as Digital marketing. Digital marketing has so many modules insight like- Social Media, Search Engines, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing and the list keeps going on.
When we talk about the opportunities the lots of thoughts come to your mind….. Am I eligible for it? My studies don’t belong to this field? So, the answer is when you will search on the internet you will find there is a maximum number of high demanding digital marketing experts not belongs to any kind of digital marketing field, they are from different-different sectors.

The digital marketing is much more complex than traditional marketing like Newspaper, TV, Radio and Magazine Ads that is why the Digital Marketing Experts are in higher demands as well as there are not enough digital marketing experts are in the market. Nowadays Digital Marketing is the next big thing.
People use to consume content via, Radio, TV, Newspaper, and magazines but now people consume content from Facebook, Youtube, reading blogs and so on, they catch-up with friends and relatives on social platforms, instead of TV they watch youtube and instead of reading the newspaper they use a blog.
Because of this change in consumer behaviour, the DM is on the rise.  We have to advertise where people hang out and companies need digital marketing help to manage ad campaigns and they will pay 10% on ad spends as a salary or commission.  
If you are running digital marketing agency they usually pay 10% of their total campaign spent of the agency fees or on the salary. India is the second largest internet base after China according to Wikipedia and other report says that in India internet users are growing 50 million yearly till 2020.
Because of Digital Marketing is a new world there are plenty of jobs are available in this field, thousands of companies are looking for experts in digital marketing.
Digital marketing jobs are one of the highest paying jobs in the industry today even, for the fresher’s the salary starts from the 3.6 lakhs/year and some rare 80 lakhs to 1 crore/year.
Not interested in jobs? You can use your knowledge and build your business as permanent or as a side business and bring the consistent stream of income (many opportunities like- niche blogging, video marketing etc) or consult Clients on DM strategies, charge per hour. Or start a DM agency.
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