My Vacation Became my Life

Posted: 3 years ago

I remember a conversation between my husband and me, months ago when we were driving around the Clearwater Beachwalk. I was so amazed at the throng of people on the beach despite the scorching sun. If my memory serves me right, it was probably around 90 degrees, not to mention the humidity. Umbrellas with different colors were all lined up covering the white sand beach like a huge blanket you could barely see the sand. So the conversation went this way, I asked my husband "how could they all sit under the heat? Look at all these people!" and his reply was: "Well honey remember it's summertime and most of these people haven't seen the beach till their 16!" and the next words that came out of my mouth were very unexpected: "seriously?! how were they able to live life without the beach?!" (no pan intended).

I've lived all my life next to the water. And I could scarcely imagine what life would be like without the ocean. We considered ourselves more than lucky to finally find the perfect home to house a family of three.


Clearwater Beach, Florida, as the name says has the clearest of water in the entire United States. It was coined as the Best Beach in all US by USA Today last 2013. Also, the whole stretch of the Clearwater Beach Walk has a huge array of restaurants, cafes, bars, to choose from. Where can you find the luxury of enjoying your food while overseeing the beach and after you dine you dive in the waters? The beach is not as frozen compared to most beaches in America. It sure is the top year-round destination!


I tell you, take it from us, finding the perfect home (or at least the best) is not a walk in the park. Money is already a given obstacle if you know what I mean, but having to choose several houses with different character and peculiarity will leave you sleepless at night. Yes, to that extent. The pressure is overwhelming and the thought of making sure you won't regret your choice, later on, is inevitable.

It took us roughly a good one whole month to finally locate the house of our dreams. There were endless drives to and fro St. Petersburg to finally reach our final destination. Our place is not as fancy compared to any other upscale condos. What sets our home unique from the rest is the breathtaking view of the bay and Clearwater city. Others will have to buy the most expensive canvas of the ocean mounted on the walls of their home. We literally have that ocean canvas in our very eyes except, its way wider, more beautiful, and most of all, real.

The entire area is called Clearwater Point, it is a twenty-minute walk from Clearwater Beach. Clearwater Point has a total of four sky-rises (we are on the fourth building) surrounded by low-rises building. A total of three pools (to prevent congestion) and the area enveloped by a long stretch of private white sand beach. Yep, we live a vacation life!