Metaphors are not to be trifled with

Posted: 4 years ago

‘Falling in love’ is one of the many metaphors we use to talk about love. Falling, as I picture it, is preceded  when you are walking down the sidewalk, without realizing it, you cross over an open manhole. Falling is preceded when you climb up the tree and suddenly you slip your toes, propelling your head first into the ground. Falling is not jumping. Falling is accidental. It is something that happens to us without our consent. And this is the main way we say when we talk about love. Which is to say, this metaphor equates to loving someone to extreme violence or illness. And it positioned us as the victim of unforeseen and totally unavoidable circumstances.You see, metaphors shape the way we perceive things. And the danger of this metaphor is the belying contrast we make that we are hurting because this is how love works.Isn’t it when you love, you get that nine cloud feeling? And not the blisters and broken bones after falling? I don’t know much about love but I know it is not suppose to hurt this way.