Mal Practices for Tuelancer Jobs

Posted: 3 months ago

After working a few months I have noticed few things in the True lancer platform which are some good some bad. Few are good for buyer few are good for freelancer.

Malpractice 1#
A buyer can post for free and there is no limit so buyers are posting same job in multiple time to get more bidder or low cost bids. But this ruins bidders bid credit and truelancer makes profit out of this mal practice.
Later on when the most of the same job post gets deleted or closed the bidder don't get their credit back .

Malpractice 2#
Many a buyer creates multiple accounts too to get the same project and also ruining money of bidders.

There may be some remedies on those mal practice
Buyer needs to be charged in stead of bidder the fees for the transaction and that should be paid at the time of project posting.
The bids of the bidder should be refunded if any project is deleted or closed without completion.

Thank you for reading
Please share if you have any idea for the problem.