Maintanance : Multi Sellers Bitcoin Ecommers Website.

Posted: 2 years ago

should be a possibility for a user to register either as a vendor
(sellers account), or a buyer (normal account). A vendor should be able
to upload pictures and info to his items.

There should be an Escrow functionality. The site should get an adjustable percentage of the finished deals.

There should be an admin panel for maintenance, resolving disputes and support.

should be a Bitcoin handling mechanism. It is recommended to run
Bitcoind as client only to connect to

The site should be focused on speed, ie. no big graphics, no cpu intensive computations, no java or javascript.

The suggested achitecture is a LAMP-stack, but other sort of arrangement could be possible as long it runs under Linux.

The forum part will be a ready made forum script and not required to be coded.

There should be three types of access permissions
Administrator: Access to every part of the site.
Support: Access to read and reply to support tickets. Resolving disputes, only access to funds placed in escrow.
User: Access to own account only

The menu and sub-menu items


My Account
- Become a seller
- Balance
- Deposit
- Withdraw
- Withdraw to account
- Feedbacks

+ Possibility to filter
-Domestic -from- -to-

Shopping Cart
- Shopping cart
- Address
- Escrow mode
- Thanks

- New Orders
- Accept Orders
- Sent Orders
- Finished Orders
- Reclamations

Private Messages
- New message
- Inbox
- Sent

- 2-FA GPG - Two-Factor  GnuPG for Two-Factor?
- Password
- PIN For all user for withdraw money any user creat the pin FIRST TIME WHNE CREAT MEMEMEBR
- Profile

- Report a problem
- Support



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