Magical Mystique poem

Posted: 1 month ago

Magical Mystique

Alignments in resplendent silver adorn
the night sheet serene
By the moonlight dim her amorous breaths
spin in splendor
Scintilating seams of warmth, cosmic large

Destiny once designed branching stems
of glacier in his flesh
She thawed by magical stirrings her passion held
In embraces of warmth
Immersions deep into night river warm

With magical spell her black eyes captivate
Mystique ocean deep
Layers old of crust concealing his heart
crumbling dissolving
The hours eternal inscribed in timeless ink

In the cup of dawn her overflowing scent
trails his every lane
An aimless traveler hitherto, his footsteps
finding destination indeed
In certitude of alignments the stars make
a balmy repose
Severed from rugged realms once known