Posted: 1 year ago

Loneliness comes from chronic depression.Loneliness, in this sense, may be called a fat of depression.In the course of loneliness an individual most often wishes to remain aloof in a lonely corner.He mainly feels shy of accompanying another.He is afraid of any company.He awfully becomes crazy seeing the presence of anybody near him. He often thinks to himself though there is no fruitful finishing of his thoughts. While thinking clumsily he at times gnashes his teeth and tears the hair desperately in the heavy strain of headache.He may stumble down on the bed and raise a wriggling from body for the time being. Sometimes loneliness becomes acute painful to him.For such pain an individual may even go mad totally.He may suffer from ophthalmia to some extent.He may be attacked with brain tumour sometimes.Of course, the writers sometimes choose loneliness for performing their difficult writings.But such solitariness is quite different from the loneliness related to depression. However, loneliness is both a reliever of monotony and a chronic phase of depression.Austere loneliness is seriously pernicious in both cases.