Life of A Girl

Posted: 3 months ago

Girls. Sounds like a burden huh? Girls can do nothing. They are just like rubbish!
Yeah, some people of our lovely society think like that. They can't toletate girls as a normal human being like men. They think that girls only can do crying, mess up every situation. They are emotional fool. Girls have no power, no Knowledge nothing nothing & nothing.
Fool! Actually the people who think all these are a great fool. You morons, look at your mother! Look at your sister. They are continuously struggling for you and your family. Your mother stuggled to born you! Your sister loves you more than any 3rd person!
Clara Zetkin, Mother Theresa, Queen Elizabeth, Emma Watson, Maria Sharapova- who are they? There are many girls working at NASA, researching for you & you are working beside your home, laughing at them, trying to prove them zero! What kind of fool you people really are? D you have any answer? Any?