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Posted: 3 months ago

Psychology: A Science of Studying the Mind

In our day-to-day life, we easily make use of words like ‘depression’, ‘stress’, ‘phobia’. Psychology is not only a study of mind but also a science. Where there is the word ‘science’, there is the word ‘experiments’. So come words like ‘logic’ and ‘guess’. This science studies the human’s mind, his behavior, the environment around him and a personality formed from his experience.

What is Depression?

When a particular demand creates in the surrounding situation, our mind starts analyzing whether it will be able to fulfill that demand. When a difference is found between demand and ability, then a feeling is formed. This feeling is nothing but depressive feelings formed from the stress.

Depression: A Feeling Experienced by Everyone

We have lost a perspective of watching our daily social and mental problems with awareness. Especially, there is a rise in an insensitive approach towards the problem like depression. Approximately 10% of society is suffering from depression. This means, among 100 people, 10 people are suffering from depression. Many times we have experienced the feeling of depression because of any reason. Our mind gets depressed even because of a simple reason, but we cope with it and come out of the depressed state after some time. The number of patients suffering from depression will be increasing day-by-day because of many reasons like stress, tension, competition, modern lifestyle, relationships, etc.

Our Perspective is the Root Cause behind our Happiness & Sorrow

Depression is a symptom that is found along with many other symptoms of various mental & physical disorders. Many mental hospitals were established for understanding patient’s mental problems providing him/her proper guidance and solution. The root cause behind our happiness and sorrow is within our perspective and self-control. No other person is responsible for our happiness or sorrow. They are only participants in those situations.

To Avoid Depressive Feelings:

  • One should Express those Feelings 
  • During a depressive state, avoid taking medicines by own.
  • Also, avoid ‘Doctor Shopping’ (Visiting various doctors at a time while taking treatment at one doctor).
  • Don’t assume that your depression will vanish automatically. If necessary, visit a good psychologist.
  • Start practicing your hobbies.
  • When you become depressed avoid sitting idle. Do something new. Learn something new.
  • Play with kids.
  • Sharing sorrow & happiness with loved ones makes the mind relaxed.
Failure is present in that situation or incident and not in a person. Failure in our life is like a ‘pause’ button in a tape recorder. This doesn’t mean 'The End' to the playing song. Everyone in his/her life is obsessed with depression due to some of the other reasons, but it is important to keep a positive perspective and move on in life.  

Practice Self-awareness!

Our depressive state is not the final result of our life. It’s just like a warning bell for us to work on our personality defects. Depression simply means refusing self-importance and having an inferiority complex. Self-awareness means analyzing own qualities and personality defects. Don’t avoid bad experiences in life with the depressive mind; instead, face them with self-awareness.

In short,

” If I remove the burden of Past from my head and start living in Present, then I can fill my Future with Colors and Happiness.”

(References: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat )
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