Is Online Anonymity Good or Bad?

Posted: 2 years ago

can be regarded as one of the cornerstones of the Internet culture. However,
the impact of it being good or bad is highly debatable. It sure does provide us
with freedom of expression but this can also be exploited to carry out immoral
and unethical behaviour. One can easily express their views, beliefs and
opinions without the fear of retaliation, allowing people to use this anonymity
to report illegal activities but it is also susceptible to cybercrime because
the originator cannot be held responsible for their words or actions. It can
help protect human rights, people seeking help for problems, harassment, racial
issues, alcohol, gambling or drug abuse and things they are too embarrassed or
afraid to ask personally. It can help in searching for information about
problems and issues that are affected by social intolerance without the fear of
being identified, censured, ridiculed, discriminated against, the target of a
lawsuit, the loss of a job or physically harmed. However, this can also give
people the feeling that they can get away with anything they say or do without
anyone knowing who did it. This can give rise to cyberbullying, cyber-stalking
and people making false claims just to gain competitive advantage. Though
empowering us with freedom of expression, it can very well lead to disruptive
and offensive communication over the internet.