Posted: 3 years ago

hasn't been so long since the internet has been available for people to use in
their daily lives. Before, people used to go to libraries to get information,
and now, all that anyone has to do is to open their smartphone and search for
any required information on the internet.

anything else, the internet has its advantages and disadvantages. When it all
started, it was really revolutionary that everyone wanted to get a computer to
start using the internet, speak with friends from all over the world, read
about many subjects, use it for different entertainment purposes, or manage any
kind of work from a different location.

believe that the internet has been very useful in our lives as it simplifies
the process of searching for new information, gathering data, searching for
jobs, communicating with old colleagues from school, being active in a social
network, learning languages, teaching online, joining courses, and hundreds of
other benefits. It's also reliable, fast, and it connects people at all times.

many people are using the internet for wrong and sometimes evil purposes. There
are a lot of hackers who use ransom wares to blackmail people and force them to
pay a certain amount of money in order to get all their information and files
back, and there are also many ad wares on the web that are designed to infect a
computer and force the user to watch a big amount of advertisements every time
he opens his browser. So, I think every internet user has to be careful because
there are a lot of scammers out there who are using the internet to harm others
or trick them in many different ways.

people are getting very addicted to social media and instant messaging
applications that many of them prefer the indoors, or even when they go out
with friends, they don't really seem to be enjoying their time together as they
are busy with their phones. There are also those who are addicted to online
video games that they waste all of their time in front of the computer, which
can be a big problem for students.

general, the internet is like everything else in our lives, we can't blame it
for its disadvantages because it all depends on the people's decisions from the
beginning, and people can always choose to use it the right way to learn more
and gain more information instead of using it only for entertainment purposes.