How is Red Hat Certified Engineer Training helpful for students?

Posted: 3 years ago

One can build a strong technical team on
the basis of Red Hat Certified Engineer training. Red Hat provides a
hand-on, practical certification that helps professionals work on
enterprise products. These products are mostly used on the Red Hat Linux
servers and are helpful for several enterprises around the world.

The Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is
recognised as a certification needed to become a Red Hat Certified
System Administrator (RHCSA). Those who want to become certified
engineers need to clear the RHCE exam (EX300). As per the information
available on the Red Hat website, it is a 2-hour, performance-based,
hands-on exam. The pattern varies from one year to another. Preparation
for this exam can be best done at a reputed training institute, under
the guidance of able Red Hat trainers.

Difference between RHCE and RHCSA

The RHCSA is lower in qualification than the RHCE. In order to become the certified Red Hat
engineer, the System Administrator needs to have many more skills,
abilities and knowledge. Only then can he or she become an administrator
for Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.  

Tasks carried out by an RHCE

The following tasks need to be done by the RHCE on a daily basis. These are in addition to the regular RHCSA tasks:
  • Setting the kernel runtime parameters
  • Packet filtering and translation of network addresses
  • Completing the configuration of static routes
  • Utilisation of shell scripting for automation of system maintenance tasks
  • Being able to configure a system that provides networking services, such as FTP, HTTPS, NFS, SMTP and NTP

Target audience for the course

The following types of professionals can be considered eligible for this course:
  • Windows administrators who are keen to learn about Linux administration
  • Security professionals who can understand Linux administration after completing this training
  • Experience system administrators in Linux
  • IT professionals who wish to make a career out of Linux system administration

Experts speak

Experts would recommend you to take the
RHCE exam, even if you want to become a Linux system administrator. It
helps the administrators sharpen their skills and also proceed
to the next level, irrespective of whether they make use of Red Hat or
not. The certification exam covers a significant amount of material to
create a strong foundation for any Linux user, even without a high
degree of Red Hat knowledge.

Tips to do well at the RHCE exam
  • Make sure you keep an eye on the clock. If you get stuck on a problem for too long, time can really work against you.
  • Ensure that you have time at the end of the exam for last minute checks.
  • Make sure you reboot before leaving
  • Practice as much as you can.

To gain greater amount of Red Hat knowledge, make sure you enrol for Red Hat training at a reputed institute.

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