FUE Hair Transplant

Posted: 3 months ago

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant is
one of the most popular methods of hair transplant. There are millions of
people who want to get their hair back for this purpose they use this technique
of Follicular Unit Extraction. Since a lot of people may not be aware of this,
so here we are going to tell you about some basic things related to this

What is FUE?

FUE is a kind of
spotless and natural technique for hair transplantation. One of the great
aspects of this method is that it does not offer any pain or bad reaction to
the skin which is very good for the client. In this method of hair transplant, there are some important steps, you will have to go through these steps if you
want to get good and effective results from FUE hair transplant technology.

During this technique
of hair transplant, you will have to face the skin canals, those are also
called holes. These canals provide a path to the hair to come out from the skin
earth. When doctors go through the hair transplant, they marginally open the
holes up and then plant hair on that position. It is just like planting a seed
so that it can grow into a tree. After this process of transplantation, your
hair will start to grow as they used to, which is pretty remarkable.

For Whom is it?

This is a very
important and interesting question to be asked for whom, FUE is suitable. As we
have noticed that lots of people go to the doctors for their hair
transplantation but, they never know that is it useful for them or not? So here
we are going to tell you about these kinds of people for whom this technique

1.People Whose
Hairline Goes Backward.

2.People with Balding

3.People with Partial
Hair Loss.

Procedure Steps

As we all know that
every treatment has a certain procedure that also comprise a particular sort of
steps to follow. If we don’t follow these steps, then we cannot get better
results from it. In the same way, FUE hair transplant has also some kind of
procedural steps those are must follow to complete the job.

So, here are some of
those important steps to follow.


2.Canal Stage


Recovery time

After transplantation
you are ready to go home and you can do your daily routine work. But still
there is a specific recovery time in which you cannot perform some kind of
activities, and those are:

  • You cannot go to the office for 3 days.

  • You cannot wear a cap or hat for 4 days.

  • You cannot work out for 4 weeks.

  • You cannot swim for 4 weeks.


  • 100% Natural technique.

  • Use the latest technologies.

  • Use of handle to open canals.

  • 88% of success rate.

  • Lifetime guaranty of the transplanted hair.

 Some temporarily
Effects from FUE

There is some kind of
effects that you will suffer after FUE hair transplant but, those will not be
severe or harmful. Here we are going to describe them so that you don’t become

. Redness on the scalp
for 2 weeks.

. Shedding some number
of transplanted hair in the first 2 to 8 months.

. Slow hair growth in
the first 6 months.

If you face these
kinds of issues you need not be worried because these are also a part of

Advantages of FUE

There are so many
advantages of FUE hair transplant, some of them are as follows:

. Minimally invasive

. Invisible scars

. Constant hair growth

. No loss of

. Simple
post-treatment care


We have described all
the possible aspects of the FUE hair transplant method. It has lots of amazing
features and benefits that you cannot find other hair transplant methods or
techniques. So considering all of these aspects we recommend you FUE technique
if you want to have hair transplantation.