Freelancing is Life for Artist

Posted: 5 years ago

Hello Everyone,
I am Ashish Saini from Bhiwadi, India, I am Freelancer from 3 Years and Founder of Socialbird India and Hobbycopter Services, here i am going to Express myself, Here i will tell what i feel,

Lets come to the Title i have given "Freelancing is Life for Artists", We artists are always feel different from the crowd, We can Wake up before the sun to capture the color blending of sky and sun, we can wake bare foot to feel the earth, people can avoid best songs and we can find the music in the silence, We can practice a single move thousand of times, You look at a painting and you stop at it, have a relax in your eyes with the refection of colors, 
What will you call it..

When you look in a move, a tree with millions of lief, and A lief at the top of the tree, floating down to the land with a drop of water on it
What will you call it..

This is Magic, magic of the Imagination a guy who can do anything for make a that movement special for you, 

An Artist who have a universe his mind, do you think its possible to bind him in a frame that you have created 
Sorry you can't
Note: I am not professional in writing but i love to , Suggestion and feedback always a good option