Feeling Burnout, You Can Beat It Right Now

Posted: 2 months ago

Burnout, You Can Beat It Right Now

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give suggestions on burnout right now though I wasn't known to the words a few
years back. Burnout burnt me and experienced a terrible life from 2014-2018
because of my wrong decision to get a job.

to WHO "Burnout is a workplace issue" but for me, it started before
entering job after losing $ 14000.To get back the money I spent almost 5 years
and at that time my life was not normal. Sleep,balanced-food, exercise keeps us
healthy and prevents burnout but I lost those unconsciously. Surprising, I
forgot myself.

job holder, businessmen, and even doctors fall in burnout but has a simple
solution to you.


regulates our mood, clear waste from our brain and re-energizes our cells.
For these
reasons, sleep is necessary to prevent burnout. Shortage of sleep is the main
factor of burnout. So we should focus on the importance of sleep but how much
sleep we need. The National Sleep
Foundation recommends between seven to nine hours of sleep for adults but we
will understand how much sleep is demanding our body.
My teacher sleep
about 4 hours a day and he was normal but I sleep 5-6 hours. My student who is
a doctor now generally slept 10-11 hours in the night and 1 hour in a day.
Somebody takes medicinal help for sleep though it doesn’t give you refreshment
like normal sleeping. You know why you are feeling insomnia and try to leave
some bad habits and follow some good habits. The simple rule is that go to bed
early and do some exercise in a day. Exercise like walking, swimming or running
help to a sound sleep. Reduce using of technology at night and know how to
sleep from some trusty health websites and famous newspapers.


don’t have enough time for outdoor exercise. Five minutes of outdoor exercise have a great impact on burnout.
Ideal time is 20-30 minutes and it will help your body and mind. Generally,
when I feel stressful events, I give me some time and this reduces my negative
feelings. Additionally, it calms my mind and this helps me to focus on the rest
of the day.

running, swimming etc are simple but effective exercise and these not only help
your body but also your mind and these reduce the stress that helps to recover
your burnout. But keep in mind, you shouldn’t do exercise indoor when you are
at burnout.


are putting in your mouth? Keep in mind,
it has an impact on your mood and energy.
Don't eat foods that feel you
tired or too full. Select foods that will increase your energy level. Choose healthier foods and try eating
lighter. Eat smaller but frequent meals will help you maintaining high-level

I don’t take foods at midday, I feel stressful and don’t tolerate a simple
argument of my relatives. Hunger makes me weak and it decreases the performance
of my works. Additionally, I can understand my energy level becomes down and my
temperament becomes like my energy level. I know what is the feeling without
taking foods that I don’t forget.

In my
diet, I add omega-3 fatty acids which is a natural anti-depressant. Foods like
flaxseed oil, walnuts, and fish can help your mood a boost.
burnout can't be prevented we can reduce it by eating a healthy diet.


are two types of people. One is introvert and other is extrovert. Introvert
loves loneliness when they get time after regular work and on the other hand,
extrovert loves their time spending with their friends when they get time.

of heavy work, you feel burned out and then you choose your spending time
according to your personality
. I’m not introvert or extrovert mixing
personality. When I feel stress, I don’t talk with other family members and
seek a solution in my room and when I get a solution I share with my parents
though they don't love my ideas. My sister always believes me and give me
suggestion after discussing the matter. My sister is married though I’m not
like her means single. My sister's husband also believes in my thoughts. True
extroverts gain energy after hanging with their friends.

5. Stop

you feel depressed or boring or stressful in your work, you can set up a tiny goal because it increases dopamine levels in
your brain that can help you engagement in the work and your happiness during
the workday.

the present world, you have to take the risk with proper calculation but
sometimes we want success in a very short time that leads you burnout. I have a
plan that I want to achieve in 2020. When I look at my target, I don’t get
peace. I have a notebook where I set up my tiny goals. Believe me, it works.
You can apply this formula to any field like family, social works, business,
freelance etc.

With Someone:

family members or your close friends can help you when you burned out. Talk with them and don’t conceal what are
facing right now.
Your plan can give you pain. Share about your business,
job or anything that is giving you pain. Your friends or family members may
solve your problems.

I fall problems, I share with unknown persons whom I think as a  strong personality guy. Sometimes, I talk
with my little sisters about my problems or plans because my parents want me as
a job holder but I want to establish food and cosmetics business which will be
chemical and preservative-free.

I asked my friends about burnout controlling and they shared their opinions:

Keep some time for myself.

Make friends who are in my field.

up tiny goals.

Take breaks 

Keep my favourite magazine.

Identify my vices but don’t abuse them-Julia Luis


I handle
this exhaustion and stress by keeping me nicer. Buy a dress which looks
beautiful and go to beautician to make me attractive than before time. think
and remember who are you, and read closing my eyes:

you had brought, when you came to the world”-John Kim.

When I
feel burned out at work, I read comics I wrote

I feel burned out, I listen to my favourite songs and clean my room-

favourite foods lessen my stress. So,
when I feel burned out, I go to my favourite restaurant to eat the dishes. T
is really to you but works for me-Danny Kevin

When I
feel burned out, I pray to God for everything

You can beat your burnout if you want without taking any medicine. These
recommendations not only will help to avoid burnout but also will keep you
healthy both physically and mentally. Apply these tips one by one to reduce
your burned out.