Expert Ghostwriter, article writer, academic writer, business plan writer!

Posted: 2 months ago

I am an expert ebook writer with multiple years of experience on/off fiverr. I can handle your request stated above. I guarantee the following: 

1. 100% Plagiarism & Unicode free 
2. 100% Copyrights transfer 
3. Clickable TOC 
4. Grammar error and meaningful content 
5. Page breaks where necessary 6. Good eBook formatting(for kindle) as well as any other custom requirements. 

I also have multiple blogs which I own. so you can check them out. My writing pattern is in a conversational (I, you, we, us) tone. 

I'll be willing to take on all your writing projects professionally. Please Contact me! Thanks! Shereef!

Hi, I'm an expert business plan writer with pitch desk (when necessary).

I write business plans for my clients taking the following procedures;

1. The Executive summary
2. Writing the Mission statement
3. Listing your company's Products and/or services
4. Setting out the Marketing plan
5. Setting out the operational plan
6. Management and fiscal planning
7. The addendum.

All these and more details would be put into your business plan professionally. Taking into mind all your custom needs and requirements.

You can send me a message so we could discuss. There are also samples.

Thanks and expecting to work with you.