Dental Care

Posted: 5 months ago


The tooth is an important part of the body. Since childhood, dental care
should be taken. Due to lack of proper care, the teeth are damaged in the old
time. Then the body is damaged and the beauty is destroyed at the same time. So
everyone has to take care of their teeth.

Follow the

It should be
properly brushed every morning and night.

It should be
gargled several times after eating greasy and sugary foods. These foods are
accumulated in the gap of teeth and quickly decay the teeth.

water should be boiled or collect tube well water.

Brush teeth
with the zigzag method (up, down, inside, outside). Brush stick should be
curved instead of parallel then the teeth will be well cleaned.

Curved teeth
are more accumulated to dirt, so you should brush well.

Many times
the two teeth grow from the same place, a tooth can be removed through the
operation, zigzag teeth are aligned, consult the doctor in this case.

Due to the
accumulation of dirt for a long time black spots are seen on the top of the
teeth, it looks very bad, for this, dental scaling should be done after every
six months, If you are above 40 years of age then you have to do it after every
one year.

Due to the
electric device used in scaling, dental gums are erosion, according to increase
age, dental gums continue to decay.

Change the
brush every five months. If possible, use two brushes of parallel and curved
stick simultaneously. Use lid brush to protect against dust insects.

Many people
use soda to increase the brightness of the teeth. There is alkali in the soda.
It is harmful to the soft gums of the teeth. Many times the gum of the teeth
become reddish, so avoid soda.

To increase
the brightness of the teeth sometimes gargle with mouthwash, without having a
mouthwash brush with half a teaspoon of salt.

Eat lemon or
tart fruit every day.

Due to the
absence of calcium, the brightness of teeth is wasted, so eat vegetables
containing calcium.

Extra cold
or hot water is harmful to teeth. It is unfair to use different water at the
same time. Use normal water after one hour of having very hot tea or coffee.

Many people
use bough as a brush. Many times the fiber of bough is accumulated in teeth. It
should be attentive that it is harmful.

Due to use
of toothpick it may be a leakage in the gum and causes infection, so use a
toothpick with caution.

It is best
to use established brands toothpaste. Change toothpaste occasionally.

It is not
appropriate to brush teeth with coal, ash, soil or sand.

You can use
herbal toothpowder. It is refined and reaches the gap of each tooth easily
which provides nutritious for teeth. It is said that using toothpowder is a
rest of the gum with the finger.

If you have
a problem with gastric, it will be malodor in your mouth, your teeth will be
yellow color, the two corners of the lips will be black, so drink plenty of

If you smoke
teeth and gums will be black, it is a threat to the beautiful laugh, so avoid

Eat at least
one vitamin c tablet every week.