Democracy Hack and Run by Cambridge Analytica.

Posted: 4 months ago

The Zombies of Democracy Hack and Run by Cambridge Analytica.

This is a time of the democracy concepts become shallow. The concept is used to justify not to explain. Pluralism. The concept is now monopolized become monolithic by big data. Pluralistmonolithic. The more exclusive, more shallow, repeating without depth, circling aimlessly. Clapped among themselves. Become more exclusive, more shallow. Narrative more crude, because it never settles. Infelicitous stimulus as expected, because it didn’t need concept. Deplorable Stimulus was succesfully done by Cambridge Analytica and now called political content, only that.

When Trump tweeted Obama endorsed Crooked Hillary it’s only take into five minutes Hillary responded toward to Trump tweet with three deceisive words “delete your account”, and it is not an event for humorous intention despite deliberate funny, it was firm defining her fabric political brand as a smart woman with strong sharpened charracter and independence, represent gender equality in modern days, Clinton has never gotten any charged with crime, and mostly probes into her conduct have withered for lack of sustenance, it is her reputation as a militant feminist are difficult to deal with and Hilarry Campaign and Clinton Foundation clearly amplify this atrribute.

Clinton has an unique problem of having being an object of unrelenting hostility for years. So many of the charges that made against her are untrue, apparently is main causa of mostly people do look her as demonic illuminati and just instantly dislike her without consequent reason, there is no proof she has done anything illegal, and the Clinton Foundation has actually done tremendous good, well it’s just another kind of democracy prejudice interpret of popularity in politics as explained, “a women who seek power will say or do anything to get it”, in other way how people treat popularity sport celebrity clear differently, like celebrity sport Boxer such as Genadi Golovkin as known as The Smiling Killer who dramatically growing fans in The US for an instance, even though he doesn’t speak english perfectly has mother tongue unlikely other foreign boxer, it seemed presume to understand well why people in US generally have traits pretend misoginy.

The people in the Unitesd State do not lack virtue but when it's facing directly with only two optional candidancy for political event like for run Presidency were Feminist and masculinity compete their optional they were shock and resulting segregate and the dupe of pretend patriots in this case Donald Trump cleverly manage this issue with “Make America Great Again” tagline, this condition develope tunnel vision for candidacy to sway democracy to an another issue, this an advantageous of society to growth die hard haters group that succesfully burn by Trump on stage, rejected any notion of racism, saying people who want secure borders “are not racists,” people who warn of “radical Islamic terrorism are not Islamophobes” and people who support police “are not prejudiced.” But moments later, he repeated the campaign slogan he borrowed from an anti-Semitic organization that opposed involvement in World War II. It has explain Trump deliberate racial category, but with any exclusive goal, but then managed find a reference to caress political theory for exit.

Category, in the original word "kategoreo" (Greek), meaning that it is bad. Ie accused in public for bad thing. Democratic, plural, tolerant, etc. It is now an exclusive categories referring to himself: "I look!". Selfie ponderous. Exclusive behavior, but ask an inclusive political force. a hughe echo chamber of the proliferation of false or destructive ideas for downgrading of liberal democracy it had been done by Hitler is an apocalypse of the zombie dance of a dying of democracy.


Trump can understand the strange and uniquely of social media vibrant power. The language of conflict was on set in social media by Trump, campaign strategy which ignite deceisive masculinity and feminism that will engage direct conflict, realize on fact Trump elactability crafting on social media show progress and signs will win the election over hegemonic masculinity.

Phrase of “Crooked Hillary” succeed deliver meesage to structurise Trump supporters to construct and summoned feedback to ensure masculinity concept of fear of men loosing power landing successfully and represent diehard masculinity become The Zombie and cowboys that will do anything necessity to open direct fight, against Clinton feminism liberal supporter that campaign in social media too. Empty political debate just arise celebrated trolls to happily take part in this further action.

Although mostly mainstream media journalism and pollster in United State believe Trump Xenophobic, sexual misconduct and misagony mainly reason can causing him lose easily on election. Well they are failed to presume it, in fact trump deny and arguing all journalism expectation far away from Journalist and analist prediction by nailed win the election. That Surrounding by brand language of conflict over and over, Trump had succesfully deliver content on social media by Cambridge Analytica helped and it has surrogate impact by how people hate mainstream media more and do have serious conflict on receiving view of democracy concept that provide and serve by Government and mainstream media.


Netizen of social media very much realize and alert. Political communication of mainstream media was failed retread delivering translation form of liberal democracy. A society that fails to believe in itself and people will ultimately find something else to believe in, some kind of narrative that explains different the world democracy view, even if it is contrary to that society's of his own interests. Governments and Mainstream media act as arbiters of truth and forgot a dependency of true democracy itself. In good or bad, they are trying to control much of the taste political communication just as wikileaks revealed, despite social media allows anyone to generate content, and tools were provided a quick spread, far and wide social media politico content Cambridge Analtyca perfectly seize that opportunity. They created a global public sphere. Massive multiplayer in which everyone is a consumer, producer, and distributor of news which exactly true meaning of democracy itself from people by people to people by stir and read people opinion, Cambridge Analytica thievy that opinion from netizen mind and turn it to hack Democracy.

Suprisingly the segregation mindset of audience view in mainstream media and social media extremely difference was unpredictable how Trump succeed draw people to build in lack of trust in mainstream media endorsed by Cambridge Analytica mind reader. Hence the language of conflict incoherent on audience of social media Trump do necessity impacted of buzzer marketing, this especially damaging because peer views and referrals are the strongest, most convincing form of buzzer marketing seeding importantly of nothing but succes to manage frame to build conservative die hard constituent in social media platform to go get out and vote for him.

Trump succesfully managed the concept of emotional linkage over concervative masculinity voter against Clinton feminism liberal voter. Impacted blatant sexual frustation debate on social media room during an election time. As known The United States never had female President despite gender equality advance progress in The United States come earlier in any other democracy country. Obvious showing landscape of lack virtue recipient on world gender hegemony issues.

Trump language of conflict on social media communication like very much his common Tweet was indeed success to attract The real masculinity constituent bound into democracy within a massive public sphere that communicated more about Donald Trump than any group of people have ever communicated about anything, although the outcome may not crafting good quality of democracy itself. The Digital Revolution is the biggest change to human society since the Industrial Revolt. fundamentally reorganizing the way we do everything, include impacting political and democracy and it’s just getting started.

According to Pew Research data on 2011 knows 60% Adults use social media platforms likely to share they think and impress about politics or impressed with others political view, following politicians, take part in political survey and discussions. The Social media is fresh alternate new way to communicated, we communicated with people we know, people we sort of know, people we technically know, but wouldn’t be in touch with if it weren’t for social media to connect us, and people we’ve never met.

We shared articles, videos, memes, opinions, hopes and fears, shared to persuade, attack, mock, support and commiserate. We expressed ourselves, and consumed each other’s selfexpression to politics, Trump and Hillary Presidency election is a media biggest participant for democracy ever expressed since beginning, how real constituent voter can be built on social media were was non platform for realistic random voter profile, curiosity can be more logic for democracy constituent but can’t be legally checked on social media platform scrutiny, person’s mindset can be misleading, brainwashed by big data company such as Cambridge Analytica, Social media transformed political view by breaking government and corporate control of information. It is cultural decay, are social media is biggest tools for democracy to be abandoned that resulting bankruptcy of socialism idea and generate biggots fluorish primordialism in social media platform like Facebook and Cambridge Analytica campaign to run Democracy hack have done. Well see it those days will come.