Business Name is Not Difficult for You: Here are 8 Simple Tricks that will Help You

Posted: 2 months ago

Name is Not Difficult for You: Here are 8 Simple Tricks that will Help You

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Choosing a business
name is difficult because many factors are involved in it. The name is selected
not for you but your customers and investors. Though you may change the name in
any time it will lose your time, money and many things.

Some big names like Amazon, Skype, WD-40, Canon
followed some tactics before selecting their business names. We have to spend
time though we follow tricks. Sometimes we may need help from other people and
sources. When looked back famous company’s names, they are simple, short,
memorable, descriptive, eternal etc. We have to think big when we will select
our business name. Nike, Amazon doesn’t grow in one day.

Short is the Best

All successful company’s names are two or three
syllables and they are Nike, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Apple etc. People love
short and punchy names and they don’t forget.

Avoid puns and phrase names like “Crazy, Crazy,
Crazy Construction’s Firm.” It’s difficult for people to remember and they
don’t like to share the name with friends. Keep in mind “shorter is
better."  Additionally, the short
name will help your social media profiles. Keep in mind, people love the name
which they can pronounce easily and the big name doesn't support social media
like Twitter. So, name less than 15 characters

2.Memorable or Sticky

Take time when you'll continue brainstorming and it
maybe even a week or more before taking the final decision. Continue
brainstorming after getting some good names. Your unconscious mind will help
you when you will find two or three names which will remember you all the time.
Your customers are like you.

Select one name from two or three names. You may
share the names with your friends and ask your friends one week later. You will
find the solution when your friend will answer the first name from two or three
names. You can apply the formulae five to ten friends. Some brainstorming names
are Apple, Facebook, Rebook etc. As
a businessman, you want your business name to have people remember it via video
or other media, the short name will give the solution all of your problems. You
can use your social media networks and can take note of the feedback.
Surprisingly, anyone may point out something that you hadn’t even thought. I
have forgotten one important matter and that is, don't select the name which is
very "cute" because it can lead to long-term issues.

3.Using own language

Don't use the dictionary's words rather invent some
words and play taking the words. Spell the words incorrectly and sometimes
combine or separate the words.

and Snapchat
didn't try to find out their business
names from conventional books because they wanted the name which did not exist
in the world.

Your customer will love the name because it has
independent. Additionally, the name will be safe from competitions. Choose a
different name and always stay outside the box.


Select the name that your customers don’t need to be
a rocket scientist to understand what kind of business this is. Marc Andreessen
was happy with Netscape Navigator’s browser Mosaic but he doesn’t like it
because the program wasn’t fast and secure. Then, he started to rewrite the
program and made a “Godzilla.” In 2002, unleashed his Mosaic-Godzilla-“Mozilla.”Descriptive is perfect but too
descriptive is bad like "Natural cosmetic beautify your face" rather
you may select like "Natura.” Natura is a famous cosmetics brand in Brazil

5.Hyphens: It may send
your customers to your competitors when they type your brand name without
hyphens. So, don't lead your customers in confusing situations and follow easy
method when you choose your business brand’s name.

Domain extension:

Select a .com
extension because people are familiar with it. Generally, customers use the
common extension instead of .net,.org,.biz etc. You can buy .com at any time as
many people have to sell their domain extension. Select the .com which famous
brands use and don't go other roads when you choose a domain name.
Additionally, Google, consumers and other search engines are now comfortable
like .oi and .co.                                                                                                                        

Eternal name:

If you start a business, it may be confusing
selecting the brand name because you have products on women but in future, you
may add men's items or baby's products. It may be funny when the name is “Bra
or Panty house” but you are selling boy’s pants.

Amazon started bookselling business but now they
have many items that we know everybody.
Amazon chose the brand name that has a great meaning "depth and

Name which don’t confuse your customers rather you
may add any future product as your willing in any time. So, select the name
that would be relevant in future.

Don’t limit your thinking and you think yourself as
a big business magnet. Changing business name will harm many ways and it is
costly too. Always choose "global" name. 

like competitors name:

I want my business’s name will know and familiar
with like “Natura" because I have a home-based cosmetic product's items
but it will be my mistake. It may confuse among customers when I will select
such as  “Ntura,Natur,Notura,Natora.”

Some people think your products as a scam or
adulterated items and others may confuse when they search your products but
will buy mistaking “Natura.”

famous company named their businesses


The Buddihist goddess’s name is Kwanon  and the company took the name but changed to
canon in 1935.


Richard Branson’s colleague didn’t imagine his
remarking would turn into business name and his remark was “we’re complete virgins at business.”


From the Danish words “leg got” the company shorten LEGO. Leg got means to play well.


Yahoo is taken from “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.”Additionally, Jonathan
Swift, the greatest satirist in English literature, used the name in
"Gulliver's Travels". Yahoo is an imaginary species who are rude,
noisy and violent. Jonathan compared human being with Yahoo.  


The name is taken from “googol.It is a
mathematical term.


The name is 
originated from the phrases “Sky
At first, Skyper was named but eventually, the "r"
was dropped and the current name is Skype that we everybody knows.


The story of wd-40 will inspire us because it is
like Robert Bruce. After failing 39 n the lab the popular water-displacing spray was invented. We use the product is helping
us was perfected on the 40th

of Some  Business Name and You may
consider from these:


Khair Steel Meal, Rahman Cadet school & college, Rahim Afroz are famous
brand in our country. If you do business genuinely and give quality products,
your name will be a famous brand without a doubt. If your name is “Schelequef Patyjnog or Kphenimszrog Tgogilod”  you may rethink using the name because it is
difficult to pronounce and people won’t remember your name. Two or
three-syllable name and simple to say can be good. 


·   Geographical Name:

Geographical name such
as “Central Newyork city’s T-shirt house, Dhaka Bank and Famous Bogura’s card”
can build trust among local people but it may not appeal to international
customers. Additionally, it can restrict your institution from expanding your


Think outside from the
box and create a new word which is not stayed in the dictionary like "Zappos, Groupon, Microsoft, Comcast and
”.Make sure, the sound of your name becomes a pleasant sound without
dictionary meaning and the name will become exceptional because it is created.


 Descriptive names can give you some advantages
at first stage but when your business will be expanded, it may restrict you.
Though we sometimes see exception such as
i-phone and Motorola
but descriptive not may not pleasant for customers if
your business is starting steps. If you think about it, make sure about
syllable and sound


Alphabetic name may be a good option for your
business. Though somebody doesn't like, some famous brands are of alphabetic
such as Apple, Addidas, LG, P& G.You
may choose  “A” but it is up to you and
I’m telling because it’s numerological value is 1 and for being a vowel, it has
a special impact. The name has a great success rate when we see, over 80% of
business around the world is successful because of ending vowel sound.


Marketing needs for any business development though
the name is a good factor. You have to deliver good quality products and try to
reach to every people using various methods. Though you are thinking about a
great team for marketing but keep in mind you are a great marketer as you have
created the business after a lot of researching. You may discuss with your team
to take some tactic but make serial by yourself for expanding your business
name and your products. Patience needs for any success and I know you are aware
of it.