Best Linux distributions are specialized in cloning disks, maintaining them and restoring data from them.

Posted: 2 years ago

Backups are the most effective solution if your computer stops working, the disk is damaged, we lose data on storage units you use or you are a victim of a virus. It is important that Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems have backup solutions Pre-installed.

In this article we will identify the best Linux distributions specially designed for backup and storage, regardless of the operating system to be backed up.

One of the advantages of these distributions is that they do not require installation. It is enough to burn the distribution to a CD, DVD or USB and you can start using it on any computer.

Its advantages include:
Compatible with most file systems.
Allows you to create and restore accurate disk images.
Works on any computer, modern or old.


BakAndImgCD is designed to create customizable backups or fine-disk images, one of the latest Linux backup distributions. BakAndImgCD supports Linux and Windows file systems so that we can back up both systems. Copies created in another partition can be saved to disk (Internal or external) or even in an external FTP server.

Clonezilla Live

One of the most advanced and Linux-based backup solutions is C Lonezilla Lizi. Its advantage is the ease of creating disk images in order to restore a clean copy of Windows or Linux through files and settings, ideal for keeping a number of computers or to get rid of viruses or malware Public .
Compatible with most file systems, Clonezilla Live can be installed on a CD, DVD or USB to start it on your computer.

Parted Magic

This distribution is very excellent in backup work and other maintenance tasks. You do not need to install it on your computer, so you can use it to recover data from a missing or inaccessible partition or you can use it to partition and manage disks on any computer. This is in addition to creating accurate images to be restored on the same computer or on different computers.

Redo Backup and Recovery

Although the project does not receive updates since 2012, the Redo Backup and Recovery is another wonderful backup tool from the Linux system.
This distribution enables you to create a hard disk image and transfer it to other volumes of your choice whether internal or external, or in network storage media if you are connected to the Internet.