Amazing bebefits of rose water.

Posted: 7 months ago

Rose water is present nearly in every home. Many of you have
different products for different skin problems like chapped lips, acne, dark
circles and more. You can replace all the products with just one single
product. How?

The goodness of rose petals mixed with water rose
water is just this, if we simply look this way. But wait it is the most
versatile product on this planet. It is something which you can use daily
without having any side effects.

All of us have at least one skin problem, be it uneven skin
tone, dark circles, spots, acne, blemishes, etc. Even if you don’t fall into
this category, you still need products for maintenance. Pollution, dust,
seasonal changes are sometimes harsh on our skin. Many of us have even tried
the expensive so-called organic product.

Natural rose water is present nearly in every home; still, we
don’t use it because many are not aware of its versatility. But many of you
have different products for different skin problems -one for chapped lips, one
for acne, one for dark circles, and one for even skin tone, what if you can
replace all the products with just one single product. How? Scroll down to know
the same-

Pure Rose Water for

How many times have you tried expensive lip balms? Everyone
wants pink and moisturized lips. You can get that with just pure rose water. All you have to do is dip cotton in rose
water and dab it on your lips. You will get pink lips just like petals of
a rose. Ensure your lips are clean before applying rose water on it. 

Apply it before going to bed, after removing makeup, or in the
morning. You can even mix it in your lip balm.

Natural Rose Water for

Many of you may know different ways of using rose water. You can
just simply spray it on your face, no matter where you are, you will get
refreshed skin with just one spray. Many of you complain about uneven skin
tone, for that dip cotton in rose water and apply all over your skin (under
eyes, forehead, near the nose, etc.). You will get assured results if you do
this every night before going to bed. Especially, if you are wearing makeup,
apply this after removing it. It will avoid any damage to your skin which may
occur after makeup.

Ditch Your Daily Soap

Bring some stuff from your kitchen- gram flour, curd, lemon, and
mix rose water in it. Use this mixture instead of soap. People with oily skin
will get instant relief. People with dry skin can skip the lemon and add honey
instead.  You can use this mixture twice or thrice in a week. You will get
relief from irritation, rashes if any on your skin.

Men can use rose water after shaving as it will heal cuts,
rashes, and smoothen out your skin.

Natural Rose Water for

You may have never thought that natural rose water could be used this way. Give it a try
and you will love it. Rosewater is also good for the scalp. It can help in case
you have dandruff. It has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can prove to be
helpful in the case of psoriasis. Though there is no proper research on this
therapy there is no harm in giving it a try.


Nothing smells as soothing as rose water, no matter what
collection of perfume you have, it can beat expensive branded perfumes. The
smell of steam distilled rose water is mild i.e. someone who is allergic to
artificial fragrance can sprinkle rose water instead.