Affiliate Marketing-Guide With 6+Best Tools for Bloggers

Posted: 2 years ago


Affiliate Marketing is the most popular and oldest way to earn money online. The income from Affiliate Marketing is the highest in almost every Professional Blogger’s income. Some bloggers are only dependent on Affiliate Marketing to earn money from their blogs. Let us know about Affiliate Marketing in detail.Affiliate Marketing-Guide With 6Best Tools for Bloggers

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Blog is a system of making money in which you recommend an online product at a post on your blog. Along with the recommendation, you also place that product’s affiliate link there. When one of your visitors buys that online product by clicking that affiliate link, then you get some commission from that product’s price. This is the commission from your affiliate marketing. On any blog, you can add affiliate marketing as well as any other medium of income from Adsense or Blog. This is its biggest feature.

Some Common Terms Related to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Program

  • Many online companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Hostgator, Bluehost etc. run Affiliate Programs to promote their products or services. In these programs, those recommending bloggers are commissioned by their link when they are sold.

Affiliate Link

  • Affiliate Link is a link that allows a company to promote products after signing in to their affiliates. This is a type of Tracking Link which gives information to the company that any buyer has clicked on the Affiliate link and reached its product.

Affiliate ID

  • The Affliate ID is similar to the Affliate Link. Some online companies provide an affiliate ID to Affiliates in place of Affiliate Links, which they use to promote.

Payment Mode

  • Affiliate companies through which payment to their affiliates are called Payment Mode. Most companies pay affiliates to Check, Wire Transfer, Paypal and other mediums.
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How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Whenever we join an Affiliate program, that company gives us a link or banner for the promotion of the product, which we promote through our website or blog.

How to Make Money From Affiliated Marketing?

Making money from your blog is a dream of every blogger, and many mediums are available today. Affiliate Marketing is also one of them. This is not a simple medium like Google Adsense. But its hard work is nothing more than earning it. You should take care of some things to earn from this –

Identify your Niche / Field

  • To start Affiliate Marketing, first you need to know the Niche of your blog. Promote products related to your Niche through your blog. For example, if you promote a Smartphone on a Health Blog, it will not give you any profits. You also have to see what most of your traffic comes from, and what kind of posts come to visit more visitors. If you promote the Region for Suitable Product through your blog, then your Affiliate Income has more opportunities to grow.

Find the Best Affiliate Program related to your Niche

  • At this time, many companies run affiliate programs. You can easily become Confuse to choose one program. To find the best affiliate programs for you, it is important to take care of some things. Is the Affiliate Program you are going to join, its reputation good? Also, the product you are going to promote should also be Quality Product. Reliability is also a very important thing to note. You should keep in mind that the Affiliate Program or Company you are promoting should be trusted. You should also consider Payout System, Cookie Period and so on.


Affiliate network Tools for monetizing and earning money from your blog.Are you thinking of earning real money with your blog? Affiliate marketing is probably the most popular and profitable way to generate income. Promote products and services of other companies and get a commission for each and every sale. Simply register with any of the following platforms, choose the most relevant advertisers, wait for approval and start promoting

1. CJ

With 1000s of advertisers, CJ is the most popular affiliate network. Commission Junction is an option you might want to look into if you have serious plans with affiliate marketing. They have a global outlook and also pay above industry rate commissions. CJ’s user interface is very intuitive, so it should not take you more than 5 minutes to get your head around the system.

2. Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the world’s most popular affiliate websites. It is very useful for bloggers that want
to make money for promoting other brands’ products. Simply find a product to promote, create a
customised link, place it on your site and if a customer clicks on your link to buy, you get paid by

3. Rakuten Affiliate Marketing Network

Rakuten (previously known as LinkShare) is a global affiliate marketing network for those who wish
to take their affiliate marketing efforts to the next level. Although the backend system isn’t very
modern, it does the job well.

4. Share a Sale

ShareASale is another affiliate marketing network that allows you to promote other people’s products and services, and if customers buy products via your link, you are paid a commission. The USP of ShareASale is that they partnered with some exclusive merchants.

5. Amazon Associates

Built and run by world-dominant e-commerce website – Amazon. The program works like most
affiliate programs by rewarding you up to 10% commission on selected products.

6. Impact Radius

Although Impact Radius isn’t as widespread as the other 5 affiliate networks we’ve mentioned
above, with a couple of well-known partners like Constant Contact and MaxCDN, it is quickly
gaining traction. With an incredible, easy to follow user interface, the platform stands a chance of
becoming an incredibly successful affiliate network.

Frequently Asked Questions related to Affiliate Marketing

So, after getting so much knowledge about Affiliate Marketing, you know the answers to some of the questions that can often come in your mind regarding Affiliate Marketing.1.Is it necessary to have a blog or website for affiliate marketing?Not necessarily, but still the best way to make Money from Affiliate Marketing is either a blog or a website.2.Can the same or affiliate marketing and Ad Networks such as Adsense be used on the website?Yes, Affiliate Marketing and Ad Networks can be used together. Compared to affiliate marketing ad networks for many people, there is a great source of earnings.3.Which companies or organizations offer affiliate programs?Not everyone sees company or organization affiliate programs. You have to find out which companies or organizations offer these programs.4.How much money can we make from Affiliate Marketing?It completely depends on you how many visitors are able to attract towards the program and how many seals it has got from them. Accordingly you get commission.I hope with this guide you can successfully understand Affiliate marketing.
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