A fight for survival

Posted: 3 months ago

If you really want something then the whole universe conspires in achieving it for you.This is a beautiful quote to all those who dare to think differently, who has the inner fire within themselves that fuel them to conquer. But such words are quite pleasant to hear in speeches but to those people who work hard to have at least one meal a day these words might sound sarcastic. Now if we talk about those women in places like Gujarat and Rajasthan who work on making extraordinary handmade designs in saris or if we talk about both men and women who work in textile mills to make a traditional Kanchipuram sari which takes days to be made, it's hard time for them throughout their life. All those saris that cost over 10,000 rs to lakhs all go through their hand but its very unfortunate to say that they don;t have the thing call luck or fate to own one.But when these clothes cost a high price these workers are just payed very less may not be even half the cost of the garment. Even if there are many laws enforced for their help,they are either not aware of the programs or these aids are misused by the middlemen for whim they work for. Its such an irony that we live in India which is one among the most developing country across the globe but still there are people below poverty line who work 24 hrs to fill their stomach. This just just a vague picture of these textile workers and designers in rural area but there are a lot many unheard stories of such people who still exist like a mist.