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When it comes to street marketing, brands will do anything to catch your attention. Here are some great street marketing campaigns that caught our attention by doing everything in their power to make people stop, watch the ad, and usually continue their walk wearing a smile.

The Art of Street Marketing

In advertisement you must always be creative. This rule is multiplied when it comes to street marketing due to the fact that while roaming the streets, people are usually focused on getting from point A to point B. The advertisers make huge efforts to be creative enough so that they’ll catch some public attention, and these efforts usually provide us with the most entertaining ads. The following street marketing campaigns from around the world are the ones which made a huge impact, providing the brand they advertise with a huge boost on their sales and image.

1) McDonald’s version of pedestrian crossing
2)  Ikea’s Bus stop makeover 
3) Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Well, obviously whoever uses Axe!
4) Don’t sit on this Kit Kat bench when its hot, the chocolate will melt all over your clothes… 
5) As always, Coca Cola is bigger than life! 
6) Want to try on a IWC Schaffhausen luxury watch? Catch an airport shuttle! 
7)  A truck size Mars to fight the world hunger… 
8) Promoting the Simpsons movie by making Homer’s fantasy of devouring infinite donuts a reality 
9) It’s a bird? it’s a plane? No, it’s the new Superman movie! 
10) Do you think these drivers are noticing this ‘subtle’ Adidas advertisement?
11) A Sprite shower on the beach… Free refills!
12) There is white, and then there is Ariel white!
13)  Every kid dreams of having a never ending Hubba Bubba roll…
14) Turning the sewer into a steaming cup of coffee… I’m not sure that Folgers thought this one through… 
15) What did I do yesterday evening at 10 pm? Watched Law and Order, and I have a solid alibi… 
16) The Copenhagen Zoo’s strange way to attract some attention to its inhabitants…
17)  IBM is getting creative with some useful advertising
18) The Nike bench allows no rest, inspiring you to run again! 
19) The Economist is enlightening by-passers
20)  Imodium illustrates the times when it’s costumers need it the most 
21) This is how Durex is promoting its XXL condom.

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